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Bar du Soleil

Bar du Soleil is a totally relaxed and natural beach club. Ideal for a happy day with friends at the stand with lots of conversations and a relaxed lunch in your own restaurant.

Important to know:

Bar du Soleil is not a fussy see-and-be-seen club. This is where the real French meet and everyone who is here in St. Tropez all summer and doesn't need a show off. Therefore, there is a good chance that you will meet really interesting people here....


It's all "Sauvage" (natural/wild) style. There are super comfortable loungers on the beach and they even offer you a mineral. The restaurant is made of lots of wood and natural materials. Cozy and informal.


Wildly romantic probably describes it best. Therefore, there are apparently many weddings that take place there. It's small and nice.



A good selection of Italian food. The pasta dishes are easily enough for 2-3 people! The food is good, not gourmet cuisine but wholesome. The price-performance ratio agree.


The beach is pleasantly small. Lean mass of loungers but nicely distributed. You have enough privacy. the loungers are comfortable. The service isn't quite as attentive, but you can order direct at the beach lounge.


There is no boutique, but there is a nice little beach lounge where you can chill out.

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