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Beach Club: Jardin Tropezina

The Beach Club Jardin Tropezina is set in a magnificent enchanted garden on Pampelonne beach. If you've been sporty and walk from St.Tropez along the almost 3-hour unmade path along the coast to the beach, Jardin Tropezina is the first beach club to greet you.


The design of the restaurant impresses with the romantic look of an enchanted Provence garden. At the entrance you walk through a curved herb garden with the beguiling scents of rosemary, lavender and many other herbs and flowers.

In the restaurant, a flower pergola towers over the guests' heads and provides natural sun protection.


It's a quiet relaxed club. No loud music and dancing, but happy laughter thanks to the in-house magician.

Jardin Tropezina has a collaboration with the luxurious 5 star hotel Château la Messadiere.



A small and fine selection of regional dishes. There is something for everybody. Every day there are different specialties and of course fresh fish.


The wine list is actually very good, but unfortunately the selection of rosés is very limited. Since Jardin Tropezina is connected to a winery, only this rosé is offered. It's a shame, because a Minuty, Miraval or Whispering Angel are all part of a comprehensive wine list.


The beach is directly below the restaurant and has very spacious and comfortable loungers. There is a private jetty from which you can also jump into the water.

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