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Beach Club: Les Palmiers

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

The Beach Club Les Palmiers is a beautiful Club where boho-style meets party-luxury.

It is a Whole-Day-Experience from sunbathing to lunch to party and back to beach.


The setting is all natural materials from wood to straw to linen. The servers are cool and nice at the same time. You meet an international crowd - but also a lot of French people.


Les Palmiers has their own beach-area which is very nice. You can hang out the whole morning on very comfy sun-beds and than you go to the restaurant and enjoy the great food. In the afternoon the party will rise and everybody dances to the beat of the in-house DJ.

If you need a break, you just turn back to the beach and relax with a nice Rosé wine.

Food & Drinks:

The food is amazing - but also the prices. With the whole setting and the in-house DJ it is a great deal.


Own beach with lovely sun-bed, nice service.

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