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LouLou Plage

If you want to be "in", you have to be at LouLou Beach Club.

It is the hippest club and attracts the crème de la crème of the rich and beautiful.

LouLou is a restaurant chain that also has a beautiful restaurant in Paris - right next to the Louvre. It is a MUST to dine there after a nice day at the museum.

Important to know:

The first service at 1:00 p.m. is great for a relaxed, good meal with upcoming lounge music

the second service from 15:00 is PARTY! the music gets loud and conversation becomes impossible. At the table we could only talk via SMS - but the music is great and so is the atmosphere.


LouLou has a beautiful design. White tablecloths and the decoration is in elegant yellow. You can buy the vases - it is a great souvenir of an unforgettable day.


As mentioned, there are two food services.

The first service is elegant, stylish and relaxed. Calm lounge music from our own DJ fills the air and you have a beautiful view of the beach.

The second service is pure party. The DJ cranks up the music and you're already on your chairs and dancing before the main course. The sound is super cool and makes you want to download every song right away.



There is something for every taste. They have daily fresh specialties and there are also many great dishes for the slim lady. The kitchen is excellent


A good selection of wines. Some of the prices - especially for the Bordeaux - are a little over the limit, you pay for the ambience too.


The beach is a few steps from the restaurant, which makes it very convenient. They have good service there too.


The boutique is small and fine. I really recommend buying one of the beautiful vases to have a nice reminder of the great day at home.

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